[Bug 3956] Doom3: X11DRV_ChoosePixelFormat glXChooseFBConfig returns NULL (glError: 0)

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Sun Nov 27 09:13:51 CST 2005


xerox_xerox2000 at yahoo.co.uk changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
            Summary|Question about              |Doom3:
                   |X11DRV_ChoosePixelFormat    |X11DRV_ChoosePixelFormat
                   |glXChooseFBConfig returns   |glXChooseFBConfig returns
                   |NULL (glError: 0)           |NULL (glError: 0)

------- Additional Comments From xerox_xerox2000 at yahoo.co.uk  2005-27-11 09:13 -------
Output from Xorg -version
X Window System Version 6.8.2
Release Date: 9 February 2005
X Protocol Version 11, Revision 0, Release 6.8.2
Build Operating System: Linux 2.4.21-23.ELsmp i686 [ELF]
Current Operating System: Linux h185158.upc-h.chello.nl 2.6.12-1.1381_FC3 #1 Fri
Oct 21 03:46:55 EDT 2005 i686
Build Date: 23 September 2005
Build Host: bugs.build.redhat.com

        Before reporting problems, check http://wiki.X.Org
        to make sure that you have the latest version.
Module Loader present
OS Kernel: Linux version 2.6.12-1.1381_FC3 (bhcompile at porky.build.redhat.com)
(gcc version 3.4.4 20050721 (Red Hat 3.4.4-2)) #1 Fri Oct 21 03:46:55 EDT 2005 P

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