[Bug 6002] Ameritrade Advanced Analyzer fails to install. Installshield iserver.exe -RegServer infinite loop?

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Sat Aug 19 16:32:51 CDT 2006


dank at kegel.com changed:

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------- Additional Comments From dank at kegel.com  2006-19-08 16:32 -------
Dagnabbit, I can't reproduce this myself now.

Dunno what the deal was.  The installer now gets past the first screen, which it
didn't before.  It even installs fine (though with lots of dcom warnings).
The app even starts if you install the msvc runtime libraries.

I seem to notice that in C:\Program Files\Common
Files\Installshield\6\Engine\Intel 32 there are now
more files than just ikernel.exe.  Not sure if I'm
misremembering, but I think there was just the one
file when the problem occurred.

If I run ikernel.exe -RegServer log now, it completes without infinite loop.
The new trace diverges from the old one right before the problem;
in the good log, there is no ProviderOrder key.
In either log, wininet.dll's startup loads mpr.dll. and mpr.dll's startup
checks for ProviderOrder in function wnetInit().  I wonder if wnetInit()
isn't where the infinite loop was.

I have no idea what set the ProviderOrder key.  Must have been something
spicy I ate.  Lowering priority back to normal.  Maybe I'll look at the
other stuff I installed recently to see what set ProviderOrder...?

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