[Bug 4009] Worms Armageddon installs fine, but won't start

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Sat Aug 19 22:22:19 CDT 2006


------- Additional Comments From the3dfxdude at gmail.com  2006-19-08 22:22 -------
This is what Diablo is doing.

0x10020 "#32769"
 | - 0x10022 "Wine Systray Listener" "Shell_TrayWnd"
 | - 0x10024 "DIABLO" "DIABLO"
 ` - 0x10026 "" ""SDlgDialog"
      | - 0x10028 "Copyright \xa9 1996 Blizzard Entertainment" "SDlgStatic"
      ` - 0x1002a "" "SDlgStatic"

10026 plays intro video. After destroyed:

0x10020 "#32769"
 | - 0x10022 "Wine Systray Listener"
 | - 0x10024 "DIABLO" "DIABLO"
 ` - 0x20026 "" "SDlgDialog"
      | - 0x2002a "Single Player" "Button"
      | - 0x20028 "Multi Player" "Button"
      | - 0x1002c "Replay Intro" "Button"
      | - 0x1002e "Show Credits" "Button"
      | - 0x10030 "Exit Diablo" "Button"
      | - 0x10032 "" "SDlgStatic"
      ` - 0x10034 "" "SDlgStatic"

10024 is what is being asked to update the screen. Unfortunately the actual
visual interface is contained in the 0x20026 branch. So no wonder nothing is
seen. The hack causes explorer which manages the desktop to repaint along with
all its childs on mouse movements?? My guess is that either 0x20026 is supposed
to be attached to Diablo main window or that 0x20026 is being handled wrong.

BTW Vincent, your window chart has to be out of order because even though the
desktop is not created when worms calls CreateWindowEx, the desktop is created
first and everything is created as child of desktop.

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