[Bug 4445] CPU usage causes Diablo II game to lose sync with self

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Thu Dec 28 12:55:01 CST 2006


------- Additional Comments From Andreas.Klauer at metamorpher.de  2006-28-12 12:55 -------
I frequently got those 'Your connection has been interrupted' messages too. Very
annoying, because in a TCP/IP game, when a sudden disconnect happens, your
character does not get saved properly and you lose some of your progress
(quests, items, etc). The situation improved a lot when I reduced X server color
depth to 16 bit (less CPU intensive).

However, I doubt this is a wine bug. It's just that for local TCP/IP games, as
opposed to Battle.net games, Diablo II does not seem to be able to cope with lag
at all. So even slight hangs (which may occur in wine by itself or due to
outside processes) cause loss of connection.

There is a solution that works great: Play on Battle.net. Hangs are not a
problem there. You can have your Linux box act as a local Battle.net server, see
the PVPGN project. All you have to do is install it, run bnetd in default
configuration, edit the registry (or use one of the many battlenet gateway
selector utilities) to add the server IP to Diablo II list of Battle.net
servers, choose 'Open Battle.net', create a game and you're ready to go.

Now you'll notice slight sync problems sometimes, but instead of kicking you out
like TCP/IP game does, Diablo II now compensates for what it thinks is caused by
Internet lag.

There are also many other advantages over the normal TCP/IP game, since you get
the whole Battle.net menu (list of games to select from, easy game creation
dialog, host can leave the game without kicking all others out, etc.)

Hope this helps

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