[Bug 4294] regression -bitmap and grahics corrupted in ISS @VFP9

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Tue Jan 24 07:19:14 CST 2006


------- Additional Comments From tuharsky at misbb.sk  2006-24-01 07:19 -------
I looked at the images and it is even more interesting:
Even many of GIF's seem to have transparent background. All BMP's too. Only a
few GIF's have really white background.

So, why the WXP displays ALL GIF's with white background? Shouldn't WXP have
some problems with GIF's background too?
And the BMP's have all transparent background, correctly displayed both in Wine
and WXP.

Why all of that?
Because this might be one of the possibilities, where the problem lays: that WXP
and Wine have some common problem with handling GIF's background, where WXP
handles it at least to the extent of displaying GIF correctly, but with white
background, whereas Wine fails completely on displaying the GIF.

This is pure speculation and can be totally misleading. The Wine might have the
GIF handling broken completely; might even FAIL TO NOTICE THAT THE IMAGE IS GIF. 

I need some instructions about what to do to provide more detailed information
about real source of the GIF problem.

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