[Bug 6307] Missing Text in World of Warcraft on ATI hardware.

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------- Additional Comments From rankincj at yahoo.com  2006-02-10 02:45 -------
I can confirm that this issue exists on my Radeon 9250, using the Mesa DRI
drivers. (ATI has dropped support for the R200 series of cards from its own
drivers, and the final supported version didn't recognise a DFP monitor anyway.)

More specifically, this issue happens when GL_ARB_vertex_buffer_object is
enabled, the minimap is open and you then go indoors. This causes the minimap to
turn white and the text to become corrupt. Going outdoors again restores the
minimap, but the only way that anyone knows of (to date) to restore the text is
to restart Warcraft.

The text bug does not happen if you go indoors with the minimap closed.

This bug has been happening for me with every version of Wine that I have
tested. (0.9.18+, I think.)

Since this bug happens with both Mesa and fglrx, I think we can rule out the
kernel modules and DRI. But could the libGL/libGLU libraries still be causing
this? (I think NVidia install its own versions of these libraries, and this bug
doesn't seem to happen for NVidia.)

Has anyone tried to reproduce this using ATI hardware in OpenGL mode under
genuine Windows? Are the same OpenGL extensions supported by the ATI drivers
under Linux and Windows?

CPU/RAM: Dual P4 2.6GHz/2 GByte

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