[Bug 1598] delphi 3 - managed - missing minimize/maximize buttons

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Wed Oct 11 10:01:18 CDT 2006


------- Additional Comments From dmitry at codeweavers.com  2006-11-10 10:01 -------
>From the IRC log:

<dmitry> alexandre: any problem with the patch sent by Nickolay V. Shmyrev 
("Set window type in winex11.drv") ?
* aricstewart has quit ("This computer has gone to sleep")
<julliard> dmitry: it looks reasonable, though i'm not sure why he feels the 
need to rearrange the whole function
<dmitry> I think the details are in the bug
<dmitry> and there is a bit of explanation in the patch too
<dmitry> alexandre: that's needed in order "to make sequence more clear"
<dmitry> not sure if that makes sense to you
<julliard> not really
<dmitry> ok :-)
<dmitry> I'm sure he will fix the patch once you send him a request

Nickolay could you fix that or explain better why it's really needed?

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