[Bug 6472] Unhandled page fault on read access with a clarion app

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Sat Oct 21 06:18:19 CDT 2006


------- Additional Comments From developers at tefnet.pl  2006-21-10 06:18 -------
My findings:

0x4e18ec is an address of window procedure of a clarion program called from

Under Windows, this procedure is being launched over 100 times
while under wine - only once

Why does it matter for this bug?

The error dialog is being displayed upon this condition:
0x004e25c4: cmpl        $0,0x109(%esi)
0x004e25cb: jz  0x004e2631

Under windows it doesn't jump, under wine it jumps and GPFs.
Altering this line to NOP causes window with clickable menus to appear under
wine, but it's disfunctional.

Under my windows debugger 0x109(%esi) is 0x00cda681.
The last time it is being set (to 84) in program is here:
0x004e1bdf: movl        %eax,0x109(%ebx)

It's right in the window procedure placed under 0x4e18ec, in some kind of a
switch() statement on EAX register, executed if EAX == 1.

What further steps would you recommend to perform?

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