[Bug 9148] Wine can't seem to cerate any K-Menu entries.

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Sat Aug 4 19:34:00 CDT 2007


------- Additional Comments From mdirk at sympatico.ca  2007-04-08 19:34 -------
I think I need to apologize. Because I tend to be overly cautious with my
computers, I've left mine turned off in this heatwave, and then tried to read
and answer several days worth of email. This also means that my attention span
was not at its best.

The inexperienced way in which I took your emails made it look as though you had
been insencere. For this misinterpretatation I must apologize. Apparently, you
did in fact try to help me with this minor bug, and as you've written the fault
may not be due to WINE.

I hope then, that answering your messages, this time without re-opening the bug
report, is not taken as an offense, as my earlier mistake probably was.

BTW I did run wineboot. But as I've said, I didn't even install the same WINE
software on both machines, and don't recall whether I had insructed Acro Reader
to install a menu entry. Since you've looked at the files and found no errors.

So what I'll do, is wait for the next available *Windows* application to install
under WINE on the Box acting as my server, which could take weeks, before
forming any more opinions or claims.

I hope, then, that my continued use of WINE will also be okay with you guys. {:-?}


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