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this is aprox. 20 minutes of gaming i another server

so, the new stack is a successful playing time on Ragnamania-lumina. i've take
a look in the stack file, and there is a mention to the wrong ip:

trace:winsock:WS_gethostbyname "" ret 0x4060be8
trace:winsock:WS_socket af=2 type=1 protocol=0
trace:winsock:WSASocketA af=2 type=1 protocol=0 protocol_info=(nil) group=0
trace:winsock:WSASocketW af=2 type=1 protocol=0 protocol_info=(nil) group=0
trace:winsock:WSASocketW        created 00fc
trace:winsock:WS_ioctlsocket socket 00fc, cmd 8004667e, ptr 0x33fa7c
trace:winsock:WS_connect socket 00fc, ptr 0x6e6db0 { family 2, address, port 6907 }, length 16
trace:winsock:WS_select read (nil), write 0x33f964, excp (nil) timeout 0x33fa68
trace:winsock:WS_select read 0x33ee20, write (nil), excp (nil) timeout 0x33ef24

The scariest thing is is the correct ip, and is the
incorrect. Maybe wine is scrambling the correct ip, i have no idea.

It forces me to look others stacks, and we have similar behaviour in previous
stacks... in the previous the line "trace:winsock:WS_gethostbyname
"" ret 0x4060be8" is "trace:winsock:WS_gethostbyname
"pk.xilero.net" ret 0x36b1de0".

It's 4MB, but we have logged half hour... 

I've used the following line to get play on lumina: 

iptables -t nat -A OUTPUT -d -j DNAT --to

Hey, good luck, and if you fix it, we will build an statue in your honror, :P

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