[Bug 7882] Photoshop CS2 aborts after startup, saying " insufficient privileges"

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I've had the insufficient privileges problem when for some reason the pipe
between  advapis on the service and client sides got closed. On the server side
there was a failure in ConnectNamedPipe and on the client side a failure of
QueryServiceStatus what Photoshop seems to interpret as a lack of privileges.
After such a change (which makes the code similar to the code in ole32) the
problem seems to be gone. But I will have to check what's the source of the
problem and if that's advapi that needs to be changed or something below.

After this change Photoshop complains that an error occured and it needs to be
reinstalled. I currently don't know why this happens. This could be because the
service tries to access directly the disc but fails (CreateFile("\\\\.\\c:",
...)).  There is also a small differance with Windows that when StartService is
called with the service already running we print an ERR and return TRUE. But I
wrote a dirty patch that returned FALSE and it didn't help.

The message box about the error can be dismissed by pressing Enter. Then
Photoshop will hang. This happens because after a few calls the service ends
it's thread but doesn't close the named pipe used to communicate. The service
process doesn't terminate because there is an advapi thread running all the
time. When Photoshop makes another request through the named pipe it hangs.

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