[Bug 7428] Adobe Photoshop CS2 Not work Fonts tools

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Fri Aug 24 21:21:32 CDT 2007


--- Comment #7 from Mikolaj Zalewski <mikolaj.zalewski at gmail.com>  2007-08-24 21:21:32 ---
Photoshop have a problem with drawing the sample in the font face and
regular/italic/bold comboboxes. Probably it tries to paint it using it's own
engine and then AlphaBlend it on the combo. The GdiAlphaBlend should failed if
the xSrc or ySrc is negative and Photoshop seems to be prepared for it as when
we return FALSE is such a case the sample it never the less drawn. If we do
nothing for an invalid xSrc but return TRUE, some samples will be missing.

A breakpoint in AlphaBlend in Photoshop on Windows shows that it is also called
with negative parameters and Windows returns 0. So it looks like not a bug
elsewhere but we need to validate the parameters.

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