[Bug 9449] Bug when trying to load a file (only the end, the beginning is about the license server not working)

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Sat Aug 25 21:18:35 CDT 2007


--- Comment #6 from Yolande Haneder <yolande at haneder.biz>  2007-08-25 21:18:34 ---
I think it may have to do with the exception because of MEM-WATCH from the
virtual memory (ntdll) not being applied. I am pretty sure Trados is a product
of the software Visual Studio C++ 2005 .NET since I know SDL to promote Visual
Studio and mostly program with it.

The very important thing to note about Visual Studio are that the changes are
dynamic so first in a kind of cache or virtual memory.

Trados is loading and tagging the document but if from that point I start to
work on it and something crash (closing without saving), all work is gone, it
is saved nowhere. How it is done - it is better asking the users of Visual
It is probably like the address of the document is entered in MEM_WATCH,
changes are made and cached and only saved when I save - which also explain
trados saying "not enough memory" when one is not saving for too long.

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