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--- Comment #7 from L. Rahyen <mail at science.su>  2007-08-28 00:02:52 ---
> This behaviour is observed under KDE. Do other WMs handle this case correct? > Or is it another wine bug?

I'm using KDE and have no such problems you describe here. I can make any
window sticky on all desktops with one single click. Even if the window doesn't
have title bar I can press Alt+F3 and click To Desktop -> All desktops. Of
course if I want any program to be always on all desktops I can configure this
permanently in "Configure Window Behaviour..." dialog (you can open it via
Alt+F3 key or just click menu icon if window has a title bar).

In other words problems you describe here are not WINE bugs. They are not WM
bugs either. This just misconfiguration of your WM because if you want to make
a program or any specific window to be available on all desktops you can tell
this KDE and it will take care about this; no more actions in future will be
necessary if you have used permanent configuration in Window Behavior dialog.

What about title bars you can hide them using Window Behaviour dialog (either
temporary or permanently for any given window/program) by doing few simple

All of above is true for KDE 3 and above.

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