[Bug 8557] glxcmds.c:343: CreateContext: Assertion `mode != ((void*)0)' failed.

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Sat Dec 1 09:05:34 CST 2007


--- Comment #10 from Daniel Reichelt <nl at itamservices.de>  2007-12-01 09:05:33 ---
since the debian release of wine 0.45, the hack mentioned by Rod doesn't work
anymore. I can launch e.g. winefile allright, however I get a messed up
display: every bit of text gets displayed in marlett.ttf instead of the
standard SSerif font. But when I manually move marlett.ttf out of its default
location, it works again (renaming doesn't suffice, obviously the first found
truetype font is used). Any ideas appreciated! thx


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