[Bug 10902] Steam and PulseAudio

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Thu Dec 27 08:42:20 CST 2007


--- Comment #5 from Adam Klobukowski <atari at gabo.pl>  2007-12-27 08:42:20 ---
Ok, but ;)

With PulseAudio padsp (OSS emulation) I'm able to get sound from Railroad Tycon
3 (padsp wine ./rr3.exe). I'm able to get this when running it through Total
Commander (I first start Total Commander, then RRT3). Now, I'm running Steam,
TC, 2*VLC (all inside Wine) and VLC are playing mp3s. But if I start any game
in Steam, it does not run, blocking Steam. So, my idea is there is something
broken with Steam launching child processes.

(btw. I also tried hard to make it work with Alsa, and found another obstacle,
so I will fill another bug with this)

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