[Bug 10878] WINE Steam using 100% of CPU when its doing nothing

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Sun Dec 30 13:50:30 CST 2007


--- Comment #2 from Nick Lawson <vektuz at cox.net>  2007-12-30 13:50:30 ---
I retested in 0.9.52
It still happens in both compiz mode, and vmware mode, but in true native
(no-compiz mode), this does not happen.

It happens to windows machines on vmware too, and on windows machines through
VNC, so its probably a steam bug.  Either that, or a combination of WINE+VMWARE
or a funky display driver, or compiz, is redrawing/repolling the steam window
constantly causing it to eat CPU.  I spoke to valve about it directly a couple
months ago, (because people were seeing this on windows/AMD machines natively,
and they said it was because of something constantly polling the window for
some reason).

Minimizing the steam window seems to make this go away, so it at least doesn't
stop you from playing your games, as long as you remember to minimize the
window on game launch.  Otherwise it slows the game down immensely.

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