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Wed Jun 6 19:56:01 CDT 2007


------- Additional Comments From mk144210 at bcm.tmc.edu  2007-06-06 19:56 -------
This bug was caused by my execute_from_key patch which made ShellExecute conform
to native behavior, in which a %1 is not added to shell/?/command strings if it
is not present (rather DDE is now used properly now in the case where ddeexec is
present). Besides not conforming to native, the old behavior also caused
problems in Vector NTI which actually does not start at all (in wine or on
Windows) when passed a command line parameter it does not recognize whereas it
works fine with DDE.

Winebrowser depended on this adding a %1 to the command stirng if it is not
present, and a %1 was not present because apparently Google Picassa just takes
whatever is in the shell/open/command key, appends the filename to it, and then
runs that command.

I have already submitted patches that fix the winebrowser syntax bug in a way 
that conforms to native. Specifically, I used the exact same keys from native,
which specifies to use DDE, and added DDE support for winebrowser:


I am still waiting to see if they are committed or need any modifications, but I
have tested them extensively and I believe they are correct especially as
these conform to native behavior/registry keys more closely than before (and 
mind you although my execute_from_key patches exposed this winebrowser bug,
in effect the reliance of winebrowser on this non-native functionality of
ShellExecute was incorrect from the get-go).

Btw, my new patches also fix this bug:



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