[Bug 7929] C&C 3 network does not work

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Thu May 3 02:58:49 CDT 2007


------- Additional Comments From d13f00l at gmail.com  2007-03-05 02:58 -------
I've been looking heavily into this.  There are multiple problems.
One issue is that this game uses the host name to determine what IP to bind the
sockets to.  This is bad, many PCs have host names set to

Secondly, packet broadcasts behave different between linux and wine, this is
debatable weather it should be fixed in the kernel or fixed in wine.  There is a
thread on the linux-net mailing lists discussing this.

A fix could be implemented in wine...I believe if we bind to if any apps
try to bind to the lan ip, and bind to the local interface, then in the select()
code, and recv() code, we can add code to throw out broadcast data with the same
ip of the local pc(i think this is proper behavior)

More research is needed.  The problem is that in Windows, sockets can be bound
to the lan IP, and they will receive broadcasts from other IPs.  This is not
true in Linux.  

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