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------- Additional Comments From focht at gmx.net  2007-03-05 04:34 -------

good to see some progress on the wintrust issue :)
Just a few annotiations to your inital provider loader impl (saw a patch on
mailing list)

You load providers but leak the modules (handles) stating "no way to unload
That may be api-wise true but as good developer there is always another way.

There exist scenarios where each provider function on specific action guid can
be implemented by a separate provider and where all provider functions are
implemented by one provider (e.g. wintrust).

Manage the data in a structure which holds action guid ( = key), provider
function pointers and provider dll handles ("max" case = all stuff implemented
by same provider).
Make a linked list with this, search criteria is the action guid.
Use some lock to guard list (e.g. critical section) and prevent race issues.

On first time WintrustLoadFunctionPointers() you just build up the managed list
"cache" from registry.
Create new entries and fill the data, action guid, module handles (LoadLibrary),
function pointers (GetProcAddress).
Beware of the "wintrust does it all by itself" case (compare name "wintrust.dll").
In that case just store the HINSTANCE supplied by wintrust DllMain and function
pointers to internal handlers.

On subsequent WintrustLoadFunctionPointers() calls, you just search the list for
action guid and return the list entry data, e.g. assign the function pointers to

For a good design the data structures must be freed.
Appropriate place would be DllMain( DLL_PROCESS_DETACH)


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