[Bug 8146] fr-041 (Debris) fails to render correctly

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Fri May 4 17:49:01 CDT 2007


------- Additional Comments From ns03ja at brocku.ca  2007-04-05 17:49 -------
Hmm, I'm not seeing any different behaviour with wine-0.9.36-139-ge79a94d in 
comparison to the original report. Well, the bottom of the screen goes white 
instead of the top, but that's a pretty minor difference, and not much closer 
to correct, if at all.

One interesting thing to note though, is that with "Ultra" quality textures 
selected, the VIRT column in top peaks around 4090m (with RES at ~1g), and 
then the demo crashes with a segfault in libglcore.so.1 before it can finish 
loading. Now, this is a 64-bit system running a 64-bit kernel and userland, 
but Wine is of course compiled as 32-bit, so it could be that Wine simply is 
running out of virtual memory space, rather than video memory, and the 
OpenGL "out of memory" error is a bit misleading. Now, this doesn't explain 
the badness with "High" quality textures, as the VIRT size there hovers at 
~3996m, but it could be a clue.

Out of curiosity, I checked the VIRT size under wine-0.9.34, to find that it 
was a little bit lower (~2-10m, varying). Could the tiny bit of extra memory 
usage be pushing the VIRT usage past some magic number and doing unexpected 
and bad things?

Additionally, I had left the (seemingly) dead demo open and running while 
typing this up, only to find that it picked up rendering again much later on 
in the demo, as if it had been running normally, just not showing. It stopped 
and started rendering again a few times before closing normally.

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