[Bug 8244] Indigo raytracer - crashes with page fault

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Sat May 5 14:41:32 CDT 2007


------- Additional Comments From goawaypleaseus at yahoo.com  2007-05-05 14:41 -------
OK, I surrender. I don't know what I'm doing so I can only beg for help. I'm out
of ideas, I've exhausted my searching capability.

I've tried rebuilding wine 20 times, and while on modern machines it's fast,
it's still not *that* fast. With the various different patches and bits of code
remarked out that have gotten similar errors, all to no avail. I've winetrick'd
all the bits, I've gone and nabbed the native dlls off an XP disc and
substituted nearly all of them.

I've spent / wasted a good 20 hours on this, to no avail. I cannot get it to
run. I did get it to change the error message to rtl_func=<register EDI not in
topmost frame>, arg=<register ESI not in topmost frame> but I'm not sure that is
repeatable or relevant; that is I don't remember where in the process of dll
substitution and code fudging this one appeared.

It's maddening because every *other* winapp I want to use, even 16-bit old ones,
behave just fine. So if it's in the way the developer made his code, or can make
his code more wine compatible, please - by all means - post a link to the
relevant data and I will hound him endlessly about it. :^)

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