[Bug 8075] IL-2 Sturmovik (all versions): Network connections do not work

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Tue May 8 07:28:52 CDT 2007


------- Additional Comments From auronsrv at gmx.net  2007-08-05 07:28 -------
This bug was marked a duplicate of 7929, BUT it seems there is some differences.
To show what I mean I will start off explaining how Sturmovik would behave on a
Windows machine with multiple network interfaces:

Sturmovik's setup programm would offer you a box wher you can select which
network-interface you want to use (if you have more than one - otherwise the box
won't show at all). If you provide the interface you want to use the information
will be stored in the conf.ini of the game itself (like the "localHost="). Then
the game would use this information.

IF, on the other hand, you have only one network interface Sturmovik will simply
grep the IP of your machines hostname (not "localhost").

You see the differences:
1. C&C 3 (BUG 7929) appearantly does not provide such a dialog-box to choose ONE
network interface while Sturmovik does, so the bug cannot occur in Sturmovik if
you really have more than 1 NIC (because then you could (and would) set the one
you want - which is the way it's meant to be in Windows as well).
2. If you have only one NIC Sturmovik just needs the correct return value from
resolving the hosts machine.

I hope this explaination is clear so far. So what I would recommend:
1. Let "gethostbyname()" return the IP of the "primary" NIC independent of how
many are present.
2. Contact the developers of apps like C&C3 to provide a patch for machines with
multiple NICs. (If I understood correctly, that C&C3 has the same problem in

Anthing else (like working around with a Reg-Key) would not bring WINE any
closer to Windows-behavior, but if you want to make the effort there would be an
optional suggestion:
3. Help appearantly badly programmed games like C&C3 out by providing a Registry
Key as a workaround like Dylan explained in the comments of 7929.

Comments welcome + Requesting "Reopen bug"

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