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------- Additional Comments From winebugger at piments.com  2007-13-05 14:15 -------
I'd be prepared to contribute if comments like this were not dismissed without 
thought. There is absolutely no point in spending time producing patches for 
something that has been dismissed as a non-issue and duped to a bug which has 
no bearing it's contents.

If the bug is open and confirmed there would be a need for a patch. If it is 
closed your call for patches makes not sense at all so don't try to turn the 
issue round.

It shows how little you have read or understood of this bug before dismissing 
it a second time since the response to wine command is clearly program and not 

Since you say this has already been discussed many times I suppose we have to 
conclude that the consensus of wine devs is that when a user enters wine --help 
then most useful response you can provide is : "print this page".

At least that should help him understand that wine is not windows. 

I'd still be interested to know how you see this topic as a dupe of a meta bug.

Must be some subtle derivative of reverse polish logic.

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