[Bug 8513] SO_REUSEADDR doesnt work?

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Mon May 28 02:08:08 CDT 2007


------- Additional Comments From blin at gmx.net  2007-28-05 02:08 -------
The problem with SO_REUSEADDR is that it means something different in Linux. In
Windows, SO_REUSEADDR is sort of a "Kernel, I don't give a damn if that port is
bound to another socket, I want it!", whereas in Linux it is "Kernel, I don't
care if that port is supposed to be blocked for a while after closing, I want it

There's no way we can implement the Windows behaviour in Wine. This would need
to be done at kernel level, and I think there's a lot of sane reasons why it's
not done that way. Last time I checked, even MSDN said the use of SO_REUSEADDR
was discouraged.

Does this break any specific application for you?

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