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--- Comment #36 from rankincj at yahoo.com  2007-10-06 18:16:57 ---
(In reply to comment #35)
> I don't think you understand how the development process works.

I'm a *user* of Wine (via Fedora 7), not one of its developers. Wine is
included in many Linux distributions as RPM files, and these RPM files are
occasionally updated. From the sound of it, someone needs to have a nice
(polite) chat with the Fedora packagers (and probably the others too) because
you seem to be saying that the RPM update process is likely to be slowly
*trashing* everyone's Wine installations. Sweet.

> Wine is alpha and the developers make no guarantee of stability.

I'm not expecting stability. However, I do expect considerably more interest in
bug reports. All of the reported crashes have happened with clean package
installations and so qualify as bona-fide bugs.

Basically: Wine now has USERS - get used to it.

> All you have to do to get them back is
> $ mv .wine-save .wine

Then what's the point of wineprefix? I need to be able to update my *existing*
.wine installation, or the Wine developers must make it plain that anyone who
wants to update his/her Wine packages is expected to uninstall all their
Windows programs beforehand and then reinstall them afterwards. (And then see
how many people are left using Wine...)

> To sum it up, if you can't reproduce this bug with a clean .wine, then this
> bug will be closed as invalid.

That is a very sad attitude - the bug exists and I have posted the traces to
prove it. This particular game doesn't even *start* with a "clean" .wine,
presumably because important registry keys are missing, so there's a nice
little "catch-22" for you! And if you're saying that Wine crashes simply
because it can't find a registry key then that sounds like very sloppy coding
to me.

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