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--- Comment #49 from rankincj at yahoo.com  2007-10-07 16:40:06 ---
(In reply to comment #48)
> I think, until 1.0, it's reasonable to require
> users to start with a fresh .wine directory
> when installing new versions of Wine.

Have you told all the distros this? Seriously! Because expecting everyone to
continually reinstall all their Windows apps doesn't fit any definition of
"reasonable" that *I'm* familiar with! Have you ever *tried* installing World
of Warcraft, with its expansion packs and endless stream of patches? Here's
what the "WoW Wiki" has to say on the subject:


> After 1.0, we'll have to handle upgrades much more gracefully.

Yeah, because after v1.0 is precisely the right time to implement new must-have
features that might affect how you implement minor things such as "the

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