[Bug 10168] Bridge Base Online does not follow links with 0.9.46/47

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Fri Oct 26 09:05:53 CDT 2007


--- Comment #4 from David Gurvich <david.gurvich at verizon.net>  2007-10-26 09:05:52 ---
After login screen enable 
'Options->Classic view'
right-click on username
select 'Edit profile'  # different screen pops up from non-classic view
'BB$ Account'->'Authorize' #A deposit window pops-up
'Click here to purchase BBO$'
With 0.9.45 a new window does open.  With 0.9.46 & 47 it doesn't.  I've been
using classic view and my previous install of Bridge Base stores that setting.  

I can't recreate the problem for links that don't work except for the deeply
nested one in classic view for 'BB$ Account'.  I think my problem is solved. 
If I want to access that change to non-classic view.

If I have a browser open, clicking on a working link gives an error message "no
child processes" and opens 2 identical windows.  With no open browser there is
no error and only 1 window opens.  Should that be a new bug report?

Incidentally, if anyone was wondering why a news window pops open or doesn't,
there are settings in bbover.ini, 'LINUX_WINE' and 'BROWSER_TYPE'.  The
'LINUX_WINE' setting no longer has any effect.  However, if 'BROWSER_TYPE' is
set to 'E', external, the news window no longer works.  In classic view, there
is a news button on the upper right that pops up a useless notification/ad.
Also supposed to pop up on initial login with either view.  I'd been looking
for a way to disable it before as I find it annoying.

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