[Bug 7644] Objects apear bright in Half life 2 except when being acted upon .

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Tue Oct 30 13:48:43 CDT 2007


--- Comment #24 from Douglas E. Warner <silfreed-winehq at silfreed.net>  2007-10-30 13:48:43 ---
(In reply to comment #23)
> Yes, however the OpenGL limits screw this up on your card. The card supports
> vertex shaders via GL_ARB_vertex_program just fine. The problem is that the
> lowest general way to implement pixel shaders is GL_ARB_fragment_program, which
> equals Shader Model 2.0 aka DirectX 9 shaders. This is not supported on your
> card.
> There is an option though via an ATI specific extension called
> GL_ATI_fragment_shader. Unfortunately this would require a an additional
> complete shader backend, which isn't only ATI specific, but also specific to
> this very special type of cards. And since we don't even know if
> ati_fragment_shader works on the dri driver nobody wrote one yet. Patches are
> welcome ;-)

Okay; it must be implemented in the driver for windows because HL2 works just
fine there and doesn't experience any of these artifacts.

I should mention that I'm using the free radeon driver right now;  perhaps I
should test with the fglrx driver and see if that is any better.

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