[Bug 10255] wine won't run opengl apps on gentoo 2.6.21

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Wed Oct 31 11:30:34 CDT 2007


--- Comment #2 from x patch <jestersi at gmail.com>  2007-10-31 11:30:33 ---
I made a small mistake in my above post, I've updated to 2.6.21 not 2.6.22
The newest gentoo ebuilds of emul now use /lib32 /usr/lib32 noted in the link

also note that nvidia driver install puts it's 32bit libGL.so in there as well
i had to re sym link it because I had todo the same thing for my lib64 at one

./configure --libdir=/usr/lib32 --x-libraries=/usr/lib32 --with-x 
LDFLAGS="-L/lib32 -L/usr/lib32"

those are the switches I'm now using explicitly. This is 100% a gentoo ebuild

I did an ldd on wine-glibc
it was showing links to /usr/lib and /lib before which is sym linked to my
lib64 respectively.

with these new switches it now links to the proper lib32 areas with the
exception of the ld-linux.so.2 is still linking to /lib/ld-linux.so.2

I can't find the configure switch to pass this in, I believe it's LDPATH
variable but I could be wrong and it didn't seem to markup the Makefile when I
did it.
exporting LDPATH=/lib32 didn't seem to make a difference I'm going to manualy
modify the Makefiles and see if ldd reports a proper link.

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