[Bug 17809] Warcraft III crashes when logging into battlenet

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--- Comment #28 from Nicky <nheart at gmail.com>  2009-03-28 07:56:43 ---
After this patch the game doesn't crash in chat (only sometimes there's a
"Connection to battle.net lost" but no crash)
However when you start a ladder game there's a crash while loading the game -
the crash is the same Acces Violation.
Custom games still work fine, though...

--- Comment #29 from picca <picca at pudr.com>  2009-04-02 12:35:21 ---
I had these issues with W3FT 1.23 too. So I downgraded to wine 1.1.4 and so far
everything looks stable. No crashes.

--- Comment #30 from Joseph bomber <joseph.bomber at gmail.com>  2009-04-02 13:40:27 ---
I down graded to 1.1.4 after having the type B crashes and it did stop
crashing. Though arranged games still dont work, once you find a game it brings
up an error message (but battle net doesn't crash... which is nice).

--- Comment #31 from Charles McGarvey <onefriedrice at brokenzipper.com>  2009-04-05 18:53:19 ---
Confirmed: 1.1.4 fixes both types of crash for me.

--- Comment #32 from Toon Geens <geens.toon at gmail.com>  2009-04-06 07:32:54 ---
Does anyone have an 1.1.4 64bit .deb for Intrepid or Jaunty ? 
Or how do I fetch 1.1.4 from the gitrepository to try and compile it myself ?

--- Comment #33 from Toon Geens <geens.toon at gmail.com>  2009-04-06 08:07:46 ---
Installed 1.1.4 .deb for Hardy in Jaunty beta and still getting the same crash.

How can I get the 1.1.4 source from the git repo to compile this myself ? 
There is no 1.1.4 .deb available for Intrepid of Jaunty.

--- Comment #34 from Matheus Ribeiro <mfribeiro at gmail.com>  2009-04-06 09:17:05 ---
Compiled 1.1.4 here and bnet problem disappears. But still have the crashes
while saving in single player.

--- Comment #35 from Eivind <to.eivind at gmail.com>  2009-04-07 14:09:02 ---
Downgraded to 1.1.4 and it seams to work fine.
Posted patch didn't do squat for me ( on 1.1.18 ), but can't guarantee it was
correctly applied (just did a really quick ebuild (added: epatch
{$FILESDIR}/1.1.18-wc3-invalid-handle.patch), and I'm not really experienced
with patching ;) )

gcc (Gentoo 4.3.3-r2 p1.1, pie-10.1.5) 4.3.3
kernel 2.6.29-gentoo-r1
wine 1.1.4 and 1.1.18.

--- Comment #36 from anomalydetected at gmail.com  2009-04-08 22:30:23 ---
Well I'll be darned. I too tried compiling a fresh 1.1.4 version, and the
battle.net problem is not present. I don't see the banner ads at all (and don't
care too), but the crash does not happen.

So to you dev types: what is a good next step toward this getting resolved in
future versions? Should I do a regression test?

--- Comment #37 from Toon Geens <geens.toon at gmail.com>  2009-04-09 01:58:42 ---
Are you all sure the battle net problem is gone with 1.1.4 ?
The crash is still there between the 20th en the 30th minute of a custom game
(3 out of 3 tries) for me.

Using Ubuntu Jaunty with wine 1.1.4 (.deb for Hardy :s)

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