[Bug 18640] .NET 3.0 WPF MILCore (Media Integration Layer) requires IDirect3D9Ex for HW accelerated support

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Thu May 28 15:07:07 CDT 2009


--- Comment #6 from Anastasius Focht <focht at gmx.net>  2009-05-28 15:07:06 ---
Created an attachment (id=21388)
 --> (http://bugs.winehq.org/attachment.cgi?id=21388)
Deadlock between main UI app thread and MILCore renderer thread


well it deadlocks between main UI app thread and renderer thread...

--- snip ---
0038:trace:d3d9:IDirect3D9Impl_GetAdapterCount 0x172090
0038:trace:d3d9:IDirect3D9Impl_AddRef (0x172090) : AddRef from 2
0038:trace:d3d9:IDirect3D9Impl_GetAdapterCount 0x172090
0038:trace:d3d9:IDirect3D9Impl_GetDeviceCaps (0x172090) Relay 0 1 0x33ce408
0038:trace:d3d9:IDirect3D9Impl_GetDeviceCaps (0x172090) returning 0x33ce408
0038:trace:d3d9:IDirect3D9Impl_CheckDeviceType (0x172090)->(0, 1, 22, 22, true
0038:trace:d3d9:IDirect3D9Impl_QueryInterface Returning IDirect3D9Ex interface
at 0x172090
0038:trace:d3d9:IDirect3D9Impl_AddRef (0x172090) : AddRef from 3
(0x172090)->({02177241-69fc-400c-8ff1-93a44df6861d},0x33ce52c),not found
0038:trace:d3d9:IDirect3D9Impl_CreateDevice (0x172090) Relay
0038:trace:d3d9:IDirect3D9Impl_GetAdapterCount 0x172090
0038:trace:d3d9:device_parent_WineD3DDeviceCreated iface 0x17eadc, device
0038:trace:d3d9:IDirect3D9Impl_CreateDevice (0x172090) : Created Device
0038:trace:d3d9:device_parent_CreateSwapChain iface 0x17eadc,
present_parameters 0x1940f8, swapchain 0x33ce14c
0038:trace:d3d9:IDirect3DDevice9Impl_CreateAdditionalSwapChain (0x17ead8) Relay
0038:trace:d3d9:device_parent_CreateRenderTarget iface 0x17eadc, superior
0x194d98, width 1, height 1, format 0x3, multisample_type 0,
    multisample_quality 0, lockable 1, surface 0x1dd6dc
0038:trace:d3d9:IDirect3DDevice9Impl_CreateRenderTarget Relay
0038:trace:d3d9:IDirect3DDevice9Impl_CreateSurface (0x17ead8) Relay
0038:trace:d3d9:IDirect3DDevice9Impl_CreateSurface (0x17ead8) : w(1) h(1)
fmt(22) surf at 0x787096b4
0038:trace:d3d9:IDirect3DDevice9Impl_AddRef (0x17ead8) : AddRef from 1
0038:trace:d3d9:IDirect3DDevice9Impl_CreateSurface (0x17ead8) : Created surface
0038:trace:d3d9:IDirect3DSurface9Impl_Release (0x194db8)
0038:trace:d3d9:IDirect3DSurface9Impl_Release (0x194db8) : ReleaseRef to 0
0038:trace:d3d9:IDirect3DDevice9Impl_Release (0x17ead8) : ReleaseRef to 1
0038:fixme:d3d:WineD3D_ChoosePixelFormat Add OpenGL context recreation support
to SetDepthStencilSurface
<hang here>
--- snip ---

I attached the backtrace of relevant threads at the time of the deadlock.
NOTE: the console snippet from above and winedbg backtraces are from different
runs (different TIDs).

The interesting ones are: thread 0022 (UI thread) vs. thread 0033 (renderer
thread) I talked about in comment #2

thread 0022: 

Looks like the managed UI main app thread which synchronously waits for command
to be completed - signaled using event from renderer thread I think.

thread 0033:

The renderer thread. When the d3d9 device is created, the window handle created
by main UI thread is passed. The pixel format is propagated synchronously to
target window. Because the target (thread 0022) waits for event without pumping
messages it deadlocks.


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