[Bug 22627] Emperor fails to switch from Windowed Mode to Full Screen

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Mon Jun 7 04:58:25 CDT 2010


--- Comment #5 from Jörg Höhle <hoehle at users.sourceforge.net>  2010-06-07 04:58:24 ---
>I am not sure i understand your second paragraph.
A borderless window has 0 margins hence no room for close+iconify buttons or
resize areas.  Many window managers can still move the window using Alt+mouse.

>i can see the gnome taskbars (top & bottom)
Same as in bug #22948, comment #8 about Caesar3!

>This ONLY works when i have desktop effects ENABLED.
Fascinating. I never use them, as they caused visual trouble (with Intel
graphics) with Wine back when Compiz/Fusion appeared in Ubuntu.

>going back to ~1.1.18
You could even go back to wine-1.0.1. IIRC, it also worked with earlier
versions, 0.9.xx.

>so i will try dissecting to see what broken that.
I'm not familiar with Wine's screen code at all.  I just imagine that your
bisecting time would be best invested tracking down regressions as well as
improvements in the Caesar3/Pharaoh/Kleopatra/Emperor suite of games. Probably
anybody who wants to understand this would value logs as well, but I don't know
what logs would be useful -- no developer ever asked for one.

Currently we know
 - bug #15881 about the "SetHwnd" commit past wine-1.1.2
 - bug #22948 about commit "Acquire/release the focus" past wine-1.1.40

I believe it would help developers to know which commits caused improvement as
well, or if there are other regressions, so that we know the issues that affect
these apps as precisely as possible.  This helps triage bug reports.

+ with Xorg set to 16bppp (startx -- :1 -depth 16), I was able to switch Caesar
3 in wine-1.2rc2 from non-windowed to windowed mode and back again at the
lowest resolution (when started at a higher one).  This was not possible with
wine-1.0, so this is an improvement.  What commit was that?  Using the normal
32bit display, the same switching procedure produced the ugly green&purple
window mentioned in bug #15881, comment #16 -- that is definitely another bug
(possibly in Caesar3, not Wine, as it seems to expect a 16bit display).

>i can see the gnome taskbars overlapping the edges of the fullscreen game
This looks like a regression to me.  Could you identify the commit? Is it the
above one from bug #22948?

The question remains, are there other, distinct issues?

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