Quicktime 5.0.x / XVideo usage

Matthias Dahl matthew2k at web.de
Mon Sep 10 13:36:13 CDT 2001

On Mon, Sep 10, 2001 at 02:26:55PM +0200, Marcus Meissner wrote:

> Please check if after the patch I sent Saturday, which restricts blting
> to actually used rectangles and gives a rather good speed up to QuickTime
> here.
 I applied the patch but no change. The problem still occurs. Reminds me. Your
 patch is mostly (or even entirely) for the Direct Draw stuff. But I have that
 disabled here because the wine builtin support doesn't work too well for  me.
 With the builtin support enabled, the screen goes black as soon as I fire  up
 for example Quicktime. It looks like something draws  black  over  the  whole
 screen because as soon as you cause X to redraw parts of the screen (by moving
 a window for example), you can clean up everything and use the window  like a
 eraser. :-) Also the performance is really poor. :(
 Things work a bit better if I copy the necessary Direct stuff over to my fake
 windows and let wine use native support. The  black  screen  and  such  won't
 happen. Yet I get the best performance if I disable direct draw entirely. And
 if I open a window during quicktime playback (page setup for example) so that
 both the "time slider" and the "audio analyzer bars" stop updating, I get the
 same great performance like with a real windows system. Strange...

 Are you using native or builtin direct draw? Does it work on your system?  If
 it does, I should start wondering what's wrong with my setup here I guess.

> > Doesn't WINE  use  the XVideo protocol for such operations?
> It does not at this time.
> I am currently working towards adding support for this.
 That's great. Having wine use XV will be a really great advantage.  If you do
 need a tester or something like that, let me know I'll happily volunteer. :-)

So long, Matt   ]) matthew2k at web.de, GPG key available at public keyservers ([

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