SafeDisc 2 support ?

Patrik Stridvall ps at
Wed Dec 11 08:33:01 CST 2002

> --- Tom Wickline <twickline2 at> wrote:
> > Does Current wine support SafeDisc 2 ?
> > If not when will it ?
> There were some patches for a SafeDisc driver that might 
> violate the DMCA so they were never
> accepted and if I remeber right it didnt support SD2.

Correct, it didn't support SafeDisc 2. However I
think that at least part of it was accepted. Anyway the
reason that some part was not not accepted was not 
DMCA related.

What the DMCA says is bad enough however there is no
reason to claim that the DMCA says thing that it doesn't.

Any implementation of SafeDisc in Wine would not be
PRIMARILY designed as a circumvention device through any
remotely reasonable definition of circumvention device
and in addition to that PRIMARILY designed needs to be
proven as well.

SafeDisc simply tries to assure that the CD in the
drive is not a copy. Nothing more, nothing less.

Please people, don't let DMCA paranoia reach new heights.

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