problem using msvcmaker to build conformance test suite project file

Dan Kegel dank at
Sat Jan 4 13:01:55 CST 2003

Patrik Stridvall wrote:
>> says:
>>>Run msvcmaker to generate Visual C++ project files for 
>>>the tests. ...
>>>$ ./tools/winapi/msvcmaker --no-wine
>>I did that in my cvs wine directory, and all I got was
>>.: searching for /\.spec$/
>>.: searching for /^$/
>><internal>: member W0B5 does not exists

Aha.  Caught by internationalization.  The workaround is

export LANG
./tools/winapi/msvcmaker --no-wine

I guess the FAQ needs updating... or the tool needs fixing...

I suspect the easiest "fix" would be to wrap msvcmaker with
   export LANG

BTW, this is only one of many things that breaks when non-C locales are used.
Others I know of:
* 'man' when displayed in xterm or konsole (see
   where Red Hat says they will not support xterm, and also
* all text processing utils are 10x or more slower (makes it hard
   to grep through large log files)
* sort gives nonintuitive results (not a bug, just very suprising)

- Dan

Dan Kegel
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