Web CVS annotation

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at wanadoo.fr
Wed Jan 8 13:45:58 CST 2003

Geoff Thorpe wrote:
> * Eric Pouech (eric.pouech at wanadoo.fr) wrote:
>>sure, the main issue we have is that winehq runs cvsweb as the web cvs 
>>frontend, and cvsweb only supports annotation under the condition I 
>>posted (IOW, it doesn't implement the annotate feature - on WWW side - 
>>with cvs annotate). But you're right on the constraints we get.
>>so either check if a newer cvsweb implements annotate with cvs annotate, 
>>or we hack cvsweb to get what we want/need...
> There's all sorts of versions of cvsweb floating around, no doubt one of
> them contains what you want.
> BTW: w.r.t. rw permissions on CVS for annotation functionality. Do you
> run cvsweb (or whatever) on a slave *copy* of the CVS repository rather
> than leaving any possible window of opportunity for the master
> repository to get hit?

I dunno. I lost track of it when the server got moved to CW.
Jeremy Newman does know.

Eric Pouech

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