Installing IE5.5

Shachar Shemesh wine-patches at
Thu Jan 16 12:13:48 CST 2003

I managed to install IE5.5 using the following procedure:

   1. Download the IE5.5 base install from MS
   2. Set .wine/config as suggested a few days ago (ver=nt40,
      setupapi=builtin, *=native,builtin)
   3. Using the latest Wine (20030115), run the setup tool
   4. I, personally, made two sessions. One downloading everything, and
      the other for installing.
   5. Install just the basic IE. No Connection wizard or anything else.
   6. When setup finshes (and you get an error in processing the reboot)
      - wait for all wine instances to exit
   7. run wineboot.
   8. One of the programs initiated by wineboot fails to run (starts
      winedbg), just shut it down.
   9. That's it - IE works, sortof.

I'm hoping this proves useful to everyone.


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