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Jürgen Schmied j.schmied at
Sun Jan 19 12:24:09 CST 2003


I attached a small explorer like programm onto
maybe we could port it into c code and include it into wine.
It might be a good starting point to start a full featured explorer like
(And it's a good test for built in shell32)


> I collected my notes about getting msvc4's setup running under Wine at
> I now have wordpad reading .wri files properly under Wine
> (needed for the "STL" button).  The next problem is that
> the setup program does
>    ShellExecute(..., "explorer.exe", ".", ...)
> to pop up an explorer window.
> Well, wine has Winefile, but not explorer.exe.  It looks
> like the path of least resistance is for me to write a trivial
> little explorer.exe that just cd's to argv[1] and fires
> up winefile (which always operates on the current directory).
> I've written it, and I expect when I add the needed
> registry entry, it'll make msvc4's setup's "explore this cd" button
> work fine.
> Anyone think that'd be a bad thing to put into the Wine tree?
> - Dan
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> Dan Kegel

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