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Adam Treat manyoso at
Mon Jan 20 07:38:13 CST 2003

--- fenix at wrote:
> Hi,
> >Just two things for those thinking about khtml:
> >
> >1) The kdebindings package contains C-language bindings for khtml
> > (kde_HTML*), so C++ wouldn't be a requirement for calling khtml
> > (this does not affect the qt-replacement api of course).
> yes, as qtc in kdebindings is for qt :)
> >2) There is a project to port KWC to win32: KHTML Win32 Native, see
> > Maybe it is possible to
> > use that.
> yes, but it's a really slow project (no cvs access, and only one guy). Maybe we have to help
> this project 

Why not just port the GPL version of Qt to Windows?  The kde-cygwin project is doing that right
now and it isn't terribly hard (if you know the Windows API ;).  I think if some wine developers
got involved it could be accomplished very quickly as Qt is almost completely platform agnostic
... it only would require a port of 10 files or so...


BTW, I have setup a project and already started porting the build stuff to use mingw32. 
Currently, am stuck in the qfile_win.cpp and qdir_win.cpp (copies of the qfile_unix.cpp and
qdir_unix.cpp) with the general functions that abstract file creation/deletion for windows ... but
then I don't know any Windows API ;)



> > ciao
> >          Jörg
> Raphael
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> >Joerg Mayer                                          <jmayer at>
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> >what proactive means.

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