Retry (3) - Ole32 Win16/32 Cleanup

Steven Edwards steven_ed4153 at
Fri Jul 4 15:31:45 CDT 2003

Hello All,
I have done a new patch that seems to be a little cleaner then the last one. I know its low on the
TODO list and may cause problems if others are working on Ole32 so let me know if there is
anything else I need to do to incress the chances of getting this merged in.

This patch compleates the Win16/32 split for Mingw and ReactOS. 
1. split ole2 in to two files. ole2.c contains the Win16 and Win32 interfaces that have the same
name while ole2_16.c is of course Win16 only interfaces.
2. Move CLSIDFromProgID16 to compobj.c where CLSIDFromProgID resides. This allows this function to
be used internal for other 32bit functions that need it.
3. Now we can compile out ole16.c, storage.c and the new ole2_16.c files.

The only minor problem left for us is still in IsAccelerator. At some point once ReactOS can run
Ole32 and I have more time I will try my hand at rewriting IsAccelerator/TranslateAccelerator to
not call LockResource16. Until then we can just work around it.


Win16/32 split of of Ole32
 - Create new file ole2_16.c for ole2 16bit only functions.
 - Move CLSIDFromProgID16 so it can be used internal.
 - compile out more Win16 sources.

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