Redirection of stdout

Boaz Harrosh boaz at
Wed Jul 9 03:27:47 CDT 2003

Please forgive me for the extra traffic, if this is out of place to this 
mailing-list. I have searched the WineHQ bugzilla but could not find a 
When running MSDEV 6.0 under WINE When pressing BUILD:
An extra  consul window is  opened and stdout is not shown. Not in the 
Extra window nor inside MSDEV where the  text should be. This is a 
bomber since now one cannot F4 to the next compiler error.
I know that what is done is a redirection of stdout to the parent 
process through the CreateProcess call.
Does any body know? Is the above a specific problem with MSDEV or is 
there a short comming in stdout rederection?
Thanks in advance  

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