something I could work on, can someone tell me if this is something usefull or not?

Jonathan Wilson jonwil at
Fri Jul 18 21:52:38 CDT 2003

I could take the WINE implementation of notepad.exe (which is clearly a 
"clone" of an older version of notepad, probobly from Windows 98 or ME or 
2000 or something) and add to it so it does the same things or similar 
things as the windows XP notepad.
Some of the differences between XP notepad and Wine notepad:
the file size limit is gone (because microsoft re-wrote the edit control to 
not have a size limit I guess)
the "page setup" and "print setup" dialogs are combined into one dialog now 
with new code to handle that.
A few slight differences between the UI of both (for example the Cut and 
Copy items are disabled if there is nothing selected, something wine 
notepad doesnt do)
Wrap Ling Lines (in Wine notepad) is moved to a new Format menu in Windows 
XP notepad and is called Word Wrap. Also, the Font menu item is moved for 
the Format menu.
Find and Find Next are moved to the Edit menu and renamed from Search and 
Search Next. Also, a Replace option and a Go To option (goes to a specific 
line) have been added.
And, the Save and Save As dialogs have an "encoding" selection box that 
lets you select
And, the print function has a "now printing" dialog.
Also (obviously), the help system is better in Windows XP notepad.

Basicly, I plan to implement some of these things (but I wont do the help 
system since thats something I know nothing about) to make wine notepad 
more like windows XP notepad (in particular, adding the Replace and Go To 

I am taking this on because I want to improve my skills at working with the 
Win32 API.
Basicly, I want to know: this something usefull to the Wine project?
and there anything I should avoid doing for whatever reason? (for 
example, are there things I cant do because they would violate MS IP or 

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