Still problmes about building winelib dll using winemaker and winedump

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Thu Jul 24 19:38:30 CDT 2003

Hello everyone,
Sorry to bother if there are lots of repeated comments with my original posts...
So far, I failed to use winelib dll generated by wine tools:
I copied all windows source codes (.h .c .dll .dsp files which are used to build natives dll under visual studio) into one directory, then execute:
%winemaker --lower-uppercase -nomfc .
%./configure --with-wine-includes=/usr/local/inlcude/wine/windows
When I run wine ./ping.exe it shows the error then terminate:
err:module:import_dll Loading module (file) pingdll.dll (which is needed by C:\ping\ping.exe) failed (error -1073741595)    (Sorry, I forgot to mention this last time)
I generated a stub dll which fowarded all the requst to native dll, but I can't figure it out where I can put the exported function codes to the stub dll, cause I need reimplement windows dll to be a local shared library.
Could anyone give me some comments on what I should solve these? I really got headache on this... 
Thanks a lot.

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