Profiling wine

Jeremy White jwhite at
Tue Jul 29 06:55:10 CDT 2003

>  How about giving oprofile a spin ?
>  It is very good at pinpointing runtime hotspots. I just wanted to give 
> a suggestion on how to get going with profiling right now without the 
> need to wait for wineprofile functionality.

I'm told (and have been persuaded of this), that Wine's internal
structures preclue a 'normal' profiler from working properly,
hence the need for a Wine specific one.

I know we toyed with adapting gprof to Wine semantics, but
decided, in the end, that was too hard and not worth it.

>> Yup, found it, but looking through the code it seems Mikes initial
>> evaluation (i missed bits and it doesn't work) is accurate. Is Charles
>> around? If so it'd be good to get this patch into WineHQ, more and more
>> bugs these days seem to be along the lines of "wine is too slow". I also
>> have some questions, like what exactly WINE_NO_PROFILE does (it's
>> defined to nothing....)

charles spam hunters should not know to add an at



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