out of treee builds broken

Marcus Meissner meissner at suse.de
Wed Nov 19 09:32:40 CST 2003


Out of tree builds are broken due to the authors.c generation:

../../tools/winebuild/winebuild -D__WINESRC__ -D_SHELL32_ -DCOM_NO_WINDOWS_H -o shell32.dll.dbg.c --debug -C/suse/meissner/projects/marcus-wine-20031016/dlls/shell32 authors.c brsfolder.c changenotify.c classes.c clipboard.c control.c dataobject.c debughlp.c dialogs.c dragdrophelper.c enumidlist.c folders.c iconcache.c memorystream.c pidl.c regsvr.c shell32_main.c shelllink.c shellole.c shellord.c shellpath.c shellreg.c shellstring.c shfldr_desktop.c shfldr_fs.c shfldr_mycomp.c shlexec.c shlfileop.c shlfolder.c shlfsbind.c shlmenu.c shlview.c shpolicy.c shv_bg_cmenu.c shv_item_cmenu.c systray.c shell.c
Cannot open file '/suse/meissner/projects/marcus-wine-20031016/dlls/shell32/authors.c'

It looks for authors.c in the srcdir, not in the objdir.

Ciao, Marcus
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