Scrollbars, an application bug or a wine regression ? (#2314)

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Sun Jul 4 23:28:59 CDT 2004

"George Marshall" <g.marshall at> wrote:

> > Do you have a small application I could test with?
> Unfortunatly not :-( , the application you see in the
> screenshots (bug #2314) is run by a cobol runtime which
> is not freely distributable, it needs a license key.
> But I could test things for you if you want.

Perhaps you could at least try to diff relay traces with
and without an offending patch applied and send the results
to me.

> PS: You could try with the application submitted
> in bug #2302

The app attached to the bug shows identical behaviour
with 20040615 and 20040505.


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