tests: safe MAPI init

Ferenc Wagner wferi at afavant.elte.hu
Thu Jul 22 04:38:36 CDT 2004

Jon Griffiths <jon_p_griffiths at yahoo.com> writes:

>> the mapi32 tests call scInitMapiUtil, which pops up an alert
>> box saying something like (translating it) "Your default
>> mailer application isn't capable of this operation, please
>> ensure that Outlook is configured as the default mailer."
> This probably means that you don't have a mapi client installed, I
> guess that the default win32 stub mapi implementation just falls back
> into 'advertise ms software' mode when this happens. Is this an early
> Windows version by any chance?

Windows XP Professional, in a network with roaming profiles
served by Samba.  I don't know what is relevant.

> if you can, please run 'winedump spec mapi32.dll' and 'winedump spec
> mapistub.dll' (if the latter exists) and send me the resulting .spec
> file, It should be possible to skip the tests unless there is a mapi
> client installed.

OK, sending you off-list.

>> As a side note, most of the mapi tests are very careful
>> about calling every function through a pointer acquired by
>> GetProcAddr(),
> Thats just precautionary, I could only test on xp and some
> entrypoints are sure to not be present in earlier native versions.

Well, test_PropCopyMore() has four direct references IIRC.
You may or may not want to "fix" it (like the IMPORTS).  The
long for loop in test_ScCountProps(void) is probably an
overkill, too: if it happens to produce output in every
iteration, it gets too big.  Currently there is a 1 MB limit
on the report submission to test.winehq.org.
Best wishes,

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