shell32 [was cards.dll]

Martin Fuchs martin-fuchs at
Mon Mar 15 16:10:15 CST 2004

On 15.03.2004 23:01:56 Martin Fuchs wrote:
> Well to take up for the ReactOS folks.... Martin and Ge have done one hell
> of a fine job on shell32 !!
> And they have given every thing back.. Not once but twice!
> As AJ was on vacation at the time and Martin & Ge spent alot of time
> i'm sure spliting the patch up into smaller chunks so it would be 
> excepted here.

.. and the merge is not yet finished.
I hope it will ever be finished. But it takes a very long time by sending
out those small patch pieces, waiting for the commit, and then go on...

Currently I'm splitting the ShellExecute patch (aka "shell32 patch 23")
into small pieces, and sending them separately since most of them
depends on some another piece.

On my list there are also patch nr. 1 and 22 without any answer from
Alexandre or some one else.

Is there really no possibility to speed this up a bit?
If it's going on at the current speed it may be finished at
next christmas day.  ;-)


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