Eric Pouech pouech-eric at
Sun Mar 21 04:01:59 CST 2004

Robert Lunnon a écrit :
> Well you can ignore my last message, from the source it's pretty obvious why 
> it doesn't work. Linuxisms !
> At the very least it should be possible to declare a scsi device in the config 
> file and have it set up, IE one could probe each disk device declared for 
> scsi capability. 
> Possibly this should be the only behaviour since this would allow the 
> user/administrator  to limit wine to only particular scsi devices rather than 
> give it open slather over everything. 
at the end of (underway) filesystem reorg, you'll have to declare the 
unix device attached to a windows device
so, we'll have less linux magic in cdrom.c. However, we will still need 
to populate the registry with the known cdroms.
this could be done either at device installation time (in win32 sense) 
or at boot time (by parsing for example the unix dev name, where you 
would get all relevant info (lun...))

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